It's simple to have emails relayed as SMS text messages. Make it easy for friends and colleagues to contact you whilst you are on the move, or have important email notifications routed to your mobile phone. For a graphical representation click here (Flash required). Unique features include Submission to network notification (you receive an acknowledgement email of your message submission). Set originator on a per-message basis (include sender=... in the subject line).

Quality Connections

Rely on extensive expertise & direct connections to over 144 global carriers that enable important connections with your audiences

Global reach

Connect with your global audiences effortlessly via single or bulk SMS messages without overspending

Make it personal

Add value to your customer's experience by providing them with personalised, timely messages


All message types supported

Send flash messages, WAP push, long messages in any language

Real-time tracking

Check the delivery of your messages in real time

Customised Solutions

Get our team to arrange a solution just for your needs

Supports HTTP / SMPP

Connect using HTTP / SMPP

Web service GUI

Login to your customer portal and start sending messages without any programming

Dedicated Sender IDs

Get a short-code, alphanumeric or long-code sender IDs for your messages