Bulk SMS Service Provider in Hyderabad

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Hyderabad

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Hyderabad

Bulk SMS service is a unique way of advertising the goods and services due to this the message immediately reaches the targeted audience. Bulk SMS Service Provider in Hyderabad offers a completely unique of selling a brand, goods, and services by means of focused on the target audience based on age, place, choices, tastes, and many others

Specialized software is used in bulk SMS service.

The device is attached to the internet and working on this device for sending SMS is not need any expert knowledge, everyone with basic computer understanding can use such device for sending SMS.

So to use high-quality bulk SMS Service, you’re suggested to get that from a reputed company.

The well-known companies which are in this area for many years, generally own modern techniques and facilities, for which you may just get right quality services

What is bulk message service?

It is mostly broadcasting transactional and promotional SMS to a large group of persons at the same time.
So your startups and small-medium business marketing is just a click away.
Bulk messaging is a brilliant way to deliver info regarding any new product and service to the clients or to tell the personnel about any urgent message or notification.
There are low possibilities of spam as compared to emails.

How to send Bulk SMS from Internet?

1. On the website they have a registration page where you have to enter a few basic details then you will get an email with your username and password, enter the username and password and your account will be created, and some credit will be added to your account to try it out before you decide whether you like it or not.

2. Now go to home page and Just click on add contact, enter the name and mobile number, and click OK.Now to send an SMS message, select the contact and just type a message inside the box below after that just hit the send button.

3. But it gets even better than that If you have a list of customers cell phone numbers, in an Excel spreadsheet, so all you do is import the numbers, go through the same process of sending the message

Key features of our SMS gateway in India

• Less investment is require
• Easy to implement
• Fast Delivery
• Time-saving
• Flexible working schedule
• Better response rate
• Boosts business efficiency
• Improves consumer relationship
• Easy to operate

Fast Delivery

Text SMS is commonly sent within seconds. Normal SMS delivery time for maximum mobile carriers is not more than 10 seconds and can send time-sensitive messages immediately.
Bulk SMS service provides secure, reliable and fast delivery.

Delivery Reports

Bulk SMS provider offers delivery reports to view the status of sent bulk SMS.


SMS scheduling

A new characteristic of mobile phones which are being broadly embraced is SMS scheduling.

This service allows one to draft an SMS but program it to be delivered at a later time instead of immediately.

Group Messaging

You can also send SMS to the group if you have excel sheet with the contact number of customer and employees.

Bulk SMS for marketing

Bulk SMS for marketing is an extreme device, this is efficient for selling a brand, products, and offerings.

Unicode SMS – SMS in Regional Languages

SMS advertising is an excellent way to do personalized messaging to the customer.

The service allows for one to deliver textual content, text and Unicode SMS, text with images like calendar entries, contact entries, and WAP bookmark entries.