Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi

Bulk SMS Service Provider in Delhi

Delhi is the capital and center of India. It has turned out to be one of the quickest developing business city in India. So there is lots of competition between enterprises.

All the entrepreneur tries to apply first-class market strategies for growing and promoting their business organizations.

So for these companies, Global Bulk SMS service works in an efficient way by using immediate message delivery in less time without any failure at a reasonable price.

Although SMS gateway offers facilities for message delivery but additionally gives exciting offerings & discount Coupons, which support to enlarge the consumer market.

Introduction to Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS advertising -In this contemporary age of mobile revolution Bulk SMS is the brand new and quick way to circulate the messages between customers and the potential consumer marketplace.

In Bulk SMS messaging a wide variety of SMS messages are thrown to the cell phones of the prearranged group of recipients in an efficient way.

It’s an expedient way spread the SMS messages, which needs low capital and offers maximum output to the organizations either they are in small scale or large scale businesses.

The SMS messaging is one of the finest & powerful techniques which helps in advertising and controls the falsified fake activities of companies instead of other strategies like business advertisements on television or Social Media and many others.

How to send Bulk SMS from Internet?

  1.  Firstly you have to go to the website’s Homepage of Bulk SMS Service provider.
  2.  Then you have to register your account by entering your basic details.
  3.  Then you got an email with username and password.
  4.  Now login to your account and click on add contacts and enter the name and contact numbers of customers.
  5.  To send an SMS select contact and type a message into the message box then click on send button.
  6.  You can also send messages to a group by adding CSV, Excel, text list of contact numbers.

Key features of our SMS gateway in India

Fast Delivery

SMS can be delivered to a group of people by a single click.

This is the easiest and quick way to send Many SMS. Bulk SMS is the best marketing strategy for fast delivery of any type of information.


In case you are using the Bulk SMS API / Gateway to deliver bulk SMS you may gather your delivery reports from the server, which is a great way of eliminating bad numbers from your records.

Bulk SMS reseller

Global Bulk SMS is providing the advantage to resell the SMS to make clients and earn the money.

This will help to resell the SMS to their clients. the bulk SMS reseller has many customers and it’s up to them how they want to promote the SMS at what rate.

If they want to sell on the monthly basis, they can it on by getting the SMS from us at without a time lapse which means their message credibility will not expire. So it allows to sell bulk SMS and earn the money.

Bulk SMS for marketing

Bulk SMS marketing is the fine approach to succeed their business, whether or not small business or a massive business.

In as much as Bulk SMS advertising has not grown so much in our country but alternatively, it is extending quickly.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are the type of messages which can be dispatched to the customers for passing the info with regarding the product and service.
The messages are simply sent thru DND numbers

Delivery Reports

Bulk SMS portals in India offer delivery reports.
Global Bulk SMS also provides delivery reports and analytics in an enterprise with which the organizations can properly track their successful and failed messages and can immediately recognize how their cellular campaigns are running.

Global Bulk SMS provides reports to their Clients live DLR updates and number of error codes with daily, Weekly and month-to-month reports.

SMS scheduling

Bulk SMS service providers allow users to have full control of while their messages get delivered out.

Plan them at any time & date. Send them quickly or on a particular date and time!

Group Messaging

Sending group messaging with one-click is a cost-effective way.
There is the fantastic importance of using Bulk SMS advertising like, the Message will quickly reach the receiver and boost your business.

Bulk SMS not simply deliver your SMS to the group of people however as well attracts human beings toward your offerings.

It is considered more accessible in comparison to other digital marketing services.

Personalised Messaging

The API gateway facilitates the integration of the software in order that personalized messaging will be done very easily.

Unicode SMS – SMS in Regional Languages

Global Bulk SMS give SMSs with Unicode service in Delhi for national and regional languages.
With our Unicode regional Language Message service, now you can send SMS in all Indian languages