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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Chandigarh

What is bulk message service?

Global Bulk SMS is a leading and reliable Bulk SMS service provider in Chandigarh, India. We are offering bulk SMS service in all cities of India. Bulk messaging is a quick, simple and reasonable manner of selling your Products and service. Today’s Bulk SMS service is the best device in your publicity because it reaches immediately and directly to consumers’ cell phone. Because human beings usually keep their mobile with them, so if we will reach to their mobile we’re reaching to them.

So Bulk SMS services are a gadget for publishing your message to your desired consumer. in case you want to increase your sale or need to do any kind of political or social campaign, you may select bulk SMS services. Bulk SMS is a service that allows sending a big range of SMS messages to a large audience – immediately.

How to send Bulk SMS from Internet?

You simply need to choose your provider (Global Bulk SMS), create your account, add your list of customers, enter text message you need to send and then just click ‘send’. And that’s it. In of seconds, your customers will receive the update you dispatched to them. And also you’ll get the online access to statistics and reports in actual time to help you evaluate results so that you can make successful advertising decisions in the future.

Key features of our SMS gateway in India

Fast Delivery

Time-effort saving. Send a couple of messages to cellular phones within seconds. Bulk SMS helps in Fast Delivery of SMS in short time.

Bulk SMS reseller

You can also set up your own bulk SMS reseller website with Global Bulk SMS; we provide you complete help for advertising, technical support for sending bulk SMS.

These reseller partners sell directly to the end-person and are completely involved in the sales and closing process. Our reseller system is a totally end-to-end problem free solution for resellers with dedicated server and control panel to control the customers’ account.

 Bulk SMS for marketing

Bulk SMS for marketing is the best strategy.SMS service is good for marketing and advertising organizations, retailers, B2B organizations, financial institutions, banks, travel agencies, and or any kind of business/enterprise that wants to create a consumer list with a purpose to reach and inform them on regular basis.

This may really help each of them in earning clients’ loyalty. At the same time, SMS Bulk messaging service offers its customers’ capability to communicate rapidly with massive numbers of people, so it could be used ‘externally’ or ‘internally’.

 Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS can be used to send any kind of info. These can be sent any time. You can also send transactional SMS on DND numbers.

Delivery Reports

You get delivery reports in real time. From this, you can know that for sure your client got the message. Global Bulk SMS enables delivery tracking. This feature shows when the message was delivered on the recipient’s handset.

Two Way SMS

Global Bulk SMS enables Two way SMS. Two way messaging is good for organizations because it allows you to deliver messages to any network and receive replies returned back to your messages.

SMS scheduling

The method of scheduling SMS is the easiest task. Simply decide what you want to deliver and type it in. To deliver your message on a predefined upcoming date, pick the date and time before you select to confirm the sending. And, that’s all!

Our servers will intelligently transfer the message according to the time you have set.

Group Messaging

Group messaging, also known as mass text messaging and bulk SMS text messaging, calls for some making plans. The first essential element is to have well-prepared groups to send SMS. by using group messaging you can send the message to a group at the same time. You can create a separate campaign for every group.

 Personalised Messaging

Personalising your messages permits you to deliver bulk SMS text messages with precise info for each contact in your database.

You can create a single customized message to all of your contacts by choosing relevant customizable info. This means that you can upload the recipient’s first name, surname, account number, meeting time, race etc to the same message and the relevant info to that recipient can be inserted into the message.

 Unicode SMS – SMS in Regional Languages

With Global Bulk SMS you may send non-English characters to your SMS message. Which means that you do don’t need to send your SMS messages in English.

The character length of your Unicode message is shorter than your normal SMS length of a hundred and sixty characters. A Unicode message may be at most 70 characters as per SMS message.