We offer a range of Two-Way text messaging services which offer different features, message rate (capacity) and have different costs. In every case the incoming Mobile Originated (MO) messages can be delivered back to you by HTTP, SMTP or as an SMS to your Mobile Phone. Two-way SMS Service allows you to receive SMS via our web interface or on your mobile or even on your database or any http URL.

Two-way SMS on Database

We can also push the incoming message on your database in real time. For that you will be required to create a script which will process the incoming message. On every message we received for you, we will call that script in real time. In this way you can use our two-way sms service to:

1. Set a AutoResponse message
2. Choose to receive SMS Message on Email
3. Process the message and send custom reply from a database.(realtime)
4. Implement two-way sms on your website
5. From each message on your keyword you will receive:
6. The date and time that we received the message
7. The "Originator Address" of the message - often the number of the mobile that sent the message
8. The complete message including your keyword.
9. We also offer Hosted SIM facility. You supply us with a SIM that has been enabled for roaming and we forward received MO messages to you.

2Way SMS Can be used for:

Customer Feedback

Customers can easily send feedback on your product and services in just a minute by typing on their mobile and then sending it on our server. This is the cheapest and the fastest way to get valuable customers feedback.

Complaint Submission

A compliant can be submitted by SMS, which in fact, is the easiest way to communicate with the service provider. A complaint can be based on any sort of thing. It might be related to malfunctioning of products, support request etc. etc.

Product Information

Information regarding a product can be delivered through SMS. In this case, user must send a specific keyword to our server, which will be then processed and appropriate response will get delivered to the requester.